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FEA Plantations

Mortgage Elimination Strategy

Case study

Nick and Libby have a combined income of $100,000 per year (Nick earns $85,000 and Libby $15,000).

Their home is valued at $350,000 and they have a $100,000 mortgage that they expect will be repaid in 15 years (current repayments are $900 per month). They would like to repay the loan sooner.

A Mortgage elimination strategy utilising FEA Plantation Investments can reduce the mortgage balance faster, significantly reducing the term of the loan and hence the amount of non tax deductible interest payable.

Nick and Libby attach a separate line of credit facility to the home loan, using the equity in the home to fund a FEA Plantation investment of 4 woodlots ($13,200 inc GST) in Nick’s name.

Nick registers for GST and receives a GST refund amounting to $1,200.

The investment generates a taxation refund of $5,820 which along with the GST refund can be paid directly into the balance of the mortgage. Of course, the interest on the line of credit will need to be funded as well. This would amount to approximately $924 in the first year assuming an interest rate of 7% pa.

As this is tax deductible the “after tax” cost is only $476. This investment strategy can be repeated each year until the mortgage balance is eliminated.

Nick & Libby eliminate non-deductible mortgage debt in 7 years instead of 15 years.
$33,555 in non tax deductible interest saved due to this term reduction.
Additional accumulated outlay required to fund investment loan interest after tax only $13,328 over this period.
Existing mortgage repayments can then be diverted into investment debt along with future net harvest proceeds.
This information has been prepared for distribution over the internet and without taking into account the investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs of any particular person. AgriFundsOnline makes no recommendations as to the merits of any investment opportunity referred to in its emails or its related websites. All indications of performance returns are historical and can not be relied upon as an indicator for future performance.